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Sounds - March 1981
Delicious Demolition - We'll Bring The House Down album review - Steve Keaton

Hey kids, bored with all this so-called futuristic disco dross? Tired of doing the old Two-Tone two step? Wanna change from the foolishness of current top fashions?
Then Slade (gawd bless 'em) have produced a pole-axing panacea which is just up your street. Ten tracks of rejuvenated roguery guaranteed to cause severe structural damage to the sturdiest of dwellings and delight the most surly of yobs.
'We'll Bring The House Down' is both a monumental triumph for the band who over the last few months have swept spectacularly back into favour, and a real treat for those kids who've moved unreservedly behind 'em. It is, in short, a corker, brimming with a knowing confidence and expertise that has far from withered through age.
The title track opens the show. I must confess to being wholly unimpressed by it when it was first crammed down my lug'oles pre-chart smash time. 'Not a touch on't earlier 'un' could be heared muttered sagely about Neasden. Well of course time and sales have proved me completely off the ball, the single has capitulated Noddy and Co firmly back into the charts.
Anyway it quickly careers into the splendidly sexist 'Night Starvation' wherein young Holder postulates on the potential pleasures of the horn. It is quite possibly the album's standout, or should that be stand-up, track. With a faultless hook and breezy beat it'd make a brilliant single, even if it's saucy subject isn't exactly staid TOTP fare. 'I Wanna feel her, hold her, squeeze her,' drools the lecherous Nod, to which the Sladettes in the background coo, 'They like it, you like it, we want it/more oh yeah!' - marvellous stuff.
There's an apparently re-recorded version of the live stunner 'Wheels Ain't Coming Down' - it was you may recall one of the more formidable cuts from the 'Return To Base' elpee - as well as a studio version of the 'When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fighting' single, both of which feature some tremendous axe work from Dave (well pied on TISWAS) Hill. In fact he excells himself throughout, giving the sound a distinctive and stylish muscle.
The second side is more out and out heavy metal, what with the almost AC/DCish 'Dizzy Mama' and a thunderous 'Nuts Bolts And Screws'. And such is their power that they even breath a sort of life into that horrible old Chuck Berry chestnut 'I'm A Rocker', a considerable feat in itself, I'd say. 'We'll Bring The House Down' is when all's said and done an invaluable addition to the realms of demolition rock. Slade are back with a vengeance!

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