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Daily Star - Pop Shop - March 1981
Slade Bring The House Down Again - Tim Ewbank

They were always the loudest. But five years after Slade were written off, they have proved they are a band that can last.
And once again Noddy Holder and his boys are bringing the house down with their brash, basic brand of rock.
They are in the charts for the first time since 1978 with the single 'We'll Bring The House Down'.
For many pop fans the new success is a big surprise - except to Slade. Holder, 31, says "We knew we could come back, We never doubted it."
"Sure we had a few lean years and went through a period when we were unfashionable. But we never thought of splitting up.
"When the hits stopped coming it made us all the more determined to go out and fight our way back to the top."
The band - Noddy, Jim Lea, 28, Dave Hill, 29, and Don Powell, 30 - this year celebrate a fifteen year partnership.
Holder says "We always said we could carry on playing together as long as we were enjoying ourselves.
"Well, we still are. And we are still as loud!"
Slade have just finished a British tour in which they belted out old hits and new at no less than 90 gigs.
They found they were playing to new fans and hundreds of faithful followers who remembered Slade a decade ago led by Holder in top hat, platform boots and half-mast trousers.
Their new album, also called 'Well Bring The House Down' is in the same old Slade style - thumping, no-nonsense, high-decibel rock.
And if you hear Holder screaming a little louder than usual on the band's new single he has a very good reason.
The song is called 'The Wheels Ain't Coming Down' and was written about a ride he had in a plane in America when he thought he had just 45 minutes to live.
He says "Jim and I were on the way to a radio station when the captain told us he could not get the wheels down to land.
"We were diverted to another airport for a crash landing.
"It's not a great feeling knowing you might have only 45 minutes left in life.
"We drank all the booze there was going. Happily the pilot brought the plane down safely."

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