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News Of The World - March 1981
Noddy's A Big Noise Again - Mike Cable

Noddy Holder and his rock group Slade have silenced the hearing experts.
As one of the loudest bands in the world, they should be deaf as posts, say the boffins.
But Harley Street specialists have discovered their hearing is above average.
The test was part of a survey on the effects of loud music
Noddy, the group's 30-year-old singer said "Everybody was amazed at the results."
And Slade's ear splitting sound is now back in the charts after a three year break with 'We'll Bring The House Down'.
"It's nice to be back," says Noddy, "especially as we've been written off as has-beens.
"After six years of solid success when we chalked up 20 consecutive hits and six number ones we suddenly became unfashionable and nobody wanted to know us.
"It was very depressing but we just swallowed our pride and started from scratch again."
Noddy said the group has always had it's ups and downs, although they'd never thought seriously about splitting up and quitting the rock scene.
He added, "We were always confident that people would get bored with the New Wave bands and go back to fun with good old rock and roll."

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