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Daily Star - Pop Star - December 1980
Look Who's Popping Back - The Fans Are Still Slayed By Slade - Rick Sky

Four famous pop names are back in action. Roy Wood, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Peter Noone and Slade were all stars in the early seventies. But they faded from the scene when the New Wave groups came along. Now the talented lads who were top of the pops time after time are back on the road.
Slade are set to slay pop punters again with their raucous brand of rock.
The band that put bop into pop are back with a bang.
Just to be different - they've always been that - Slade insist they are not making a comeback.
But they can't deny that they have been out of the limelight for years.
And whatever they say, they are doing all they can to rediscover the formula for chart success.
Back in the early seventies, the outrageous lead singer Noddy Holder was a top pin-up in music magazines and was mobbed wherever he appeared.
But now he's singing a different tune. The bug-eyed and belligerent star is desperately hoping to hit the headlines again.
And Noddy's hopes of hitting the charts are based on more than mere ambition - if 50,000 young fans are anything to go by.
Those fans screamed Slade's praises when the band put on a knockout performance at the Reading Festival in Summer.
They were delighted to see Slade in full swing again, but they were not as happy as Noddy...he was over the moon.
A stirring gig at a big festival was just the thing to get the band back on the right track.
Guitarist Jim Lea says,
"Our problem was that although we had as much confidence in ourselves as ever, our audiences didn't!
"We thought the only way we could get our records played on Radio was to change our name."
But Slade didn't have to take that drastic step.
"Now it looks like it's all coming up roses again." says Jim.

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